Hello! My site is still under construction but feel free to take a look at what I have so far. Thank you for stopping by!

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Hello. I'm Kyle!

I'm a web developer who believes that user interfaces should be easy to use and intuitive.

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Web Design

A website needs to be functional and look good. It is also important to consider who the intended audience is and what problems the website must be designed to solve. Here are some of website that I have designed recently.

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UX Design

The best user interface is the one that goes unnoticed by the user. It should make the process of performing the task as simple as possible. Here are some wireframes that I have created for various projects.

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Video Editing

Video Editing is something that I have always had an interst in, ever since my days learning audio production with ProTools back in my community college days. I decided to create a YouTube channel to use as practice so I could grow my skills. Here is the work I have done.