The William Tennent House Association

The William Tennent House Association needed a website that would:

  • Accept Donations
  • Allow new members to register
  • Post news and fundraiser events
  • Would be ready as soon as possible
  • Be as inexpensive as possible

Wordpress was the best choice for this client because it was the quickest way to achieve everything they needed and it is a name they trust. I went with the free Sela theme and made a list of the plugins I would need.

Then it was time for wireframes. I built both lo-fi and hi-fi wireframes followed by a prototype in Adobe XD for the client to sign off on before building the site.

The site was published as soon as the functionality of accepting donations and registering new members was ready. All of the copy and images were provided by the client except for the banner, which I created. I did, however, do some basic touch-up to some of the images to make them look better. As of writing this I am still working with the client to complete the final details and they might be interested in adding more to their site in the future, including an image gallery and possibly an e-commerce shop.

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